Power Plant Chemicals Company Dubai, UAE

Industrial Chemicals Company Dubai

Al Rama International Chemical Suppliers Company in Dubai, UAE. We are Specialized Chemicals Our Service Industrial Chemical, Cleaning Chemical, Oil field Chemical, Water treatment Chemical, Painting Chemical, Food Chemical, Mining Chemical, Construction Chemical, Power plant Chemical, Ceramic Chemical in Dubai, UAE

Al Rama has been a significant player in the G.C.C. & East African chemical trade, for over 20 years. We stock a wide variety of products ranging from food ingredients, oil exploration chemicals, sanitization chemicals, petroleum derivatives and industrial process raw materials. We possess extensive in-house check here expertise in blending and repacking of various products. Our facilities include open, closed ambient storage, as well as temperature-controlled storage. We operate our own fleet of road tankers, ISO tanks and pick-up trucks, to ensure full supply chain traceability.

Contact Us

Head Office: Street S1501, Plot No. S60409,
South Zone Jebel Ali, P.O.Box: 3328
Toll-Free: 800 4 STEEL (800 4 78335)
Tel: +971-4-8809899 | Fax: +971-4-8809969
Email: [email protected]

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